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4 Jan 2013

January 9th Also at CES, Nokia unveiled the long-rumored Lumia 900 smartphone as an wireless outdoor ip camera AT&T exclusive. We liked its 8-megapixel rear wireless outdoor ip camera, strong performance and blazing LTE speeds, but its successor, the Lumia 920, would more when it debuted in the fall.

January 14th LightSquared’s years-long effort to integrate a wholesale 4G LTE network with satellite coverage was quashed by the National wireless outdoor ip camera Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing, which found that t2012 Year in tech A timelinehe technology could interfere with GPS equipment. This came on the heels of Sprint reneging its 15-year resource-sharing agreement with wireless outdoor ip camera LightSquared, and set the tone for many defeats on the company’s eventual road to bankruptcy wireless outdoor ip camera.

January 19th Federal prosecutors shut down popular file-sharing site Megaupload in the US, indicting founder Kim Dotcom and others for wireless outdoor ip camera copyright violation, conspiracy to commit racketeering and other alleged illegal activities in the process. The takedown wireless outdoor ip camera coincided with the high-profile online piracy debates brought about by the PIPA and SOPA bills. Megaupload has yet wireless outdoor ip camera to rise from the dead.




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