the feature of outdoor ip camera

14 Jan 2013

The optical zoom of digital cameras functions in the same way as the one on normal 35 mm outdoor ip camera. The lens moves forward and backwards to bring the image closer without losing any quality. The optical magnification of the moving lenses ranges from 2.0x to 10.0x. The closer you get to the upper end, the farther away the subject can be when you take a photo. On the other hand, digital zoom is actually a software that simulates optical zoom without any physical movement.

What it does is to crop the picture and enlarge outdoor ip camera, just like a photo editing application which you can use afterwards. Using an outdoor ip camera image editor after having transferred the photos to your computer is actually a better option because you have higher control outdoor ip camera over what you crop. Some newer digital camera models automatically switch to digital zoom when you have exceeded the capacity of the optical zoom. If you don’t want this to happen you can switch the feature of outdoor ip camera.

What zooming capacity should a digital camera have form optimal performance?As stated earlier outdoor ip camera, optical zoom can range from 2x to 10x, but the majority of users are satisfied with 3x-6x. However, a high zooming capacity is a good thing, as long as you make sure you don’t overlook other outdoor ip camera features.What is a megapixel outdoor ip camera?




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