biometric time and attendance recognition tell from the concept

24 Jan 2013

biometric time and attendance recognition tell from the concept, is not a new concept, but it is still a is gradually mature and popular application of the new technology. Biological recognition technology the biggest characteristics but three aspects: high uniqueness, high safety and high convenience. While the three characteristics in fact is what we information security practitioners the tireless pursuit of the goal. Around the three characteristics, biological recognition technology appeared two big application prospect the most wide area, one is by its high security and uniqueness, in a high confidentiality protection demand country being handled.the system, and other fields of development; The second is with its convenience and uniqueness, in the field of the socialization of the intelligent application.

And other industries, biometric time clock must also be through the industry chain upstream and downstream manufacturers to jointly promote, to accelerate the industrial development, from the current development situation, the industry chain has been basically established. The personage inside course of study will be divided into seven industrial chain link, from upstream to downstream in turn for fingerprint algorithm providers, fingerprint sensor provider, fingerprint application software providers, fingerprint identification IC providers, fingerprint products provider, fingerprint application solutions provider and fingerprint products provider. Fingerprint algorithm providers and fingerprint sensor provider is the industrial chain of two source point, is also the core of the entire industrial chain of two links.

Used for time and attendance systems of biological characteristics have hand shape, fingerprints, face, iris and retina, pulse, auricle, behavior characteristics have signature, voice, key strength, etc. Based on these characteristics, people has developed his hand shape recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, pronunciation recognition, iris recognition, signature recognition and so on the many kinds of biological recognition technology. Biological recognition technology and biological identification system Biological recognition technology is the use of the biological characteristics of identity authentication - kind of technology. Biological characteristics is the only (and others different), can measure or automatic identification and verification of the physiological characteristics and behavior way, divided into physiological characteristics and behavior characteristics.

fingerprint time clock module has small volume, low cost, low electric consumption and the advantages of high safety. Can be widely applied to any need to safety certification fields, such as Banks, computer network, fingerprint access control system, fingerprint attendance and many other aspects, this undoubtedly will replace the original identification technology and become the 21st century recognition technology application of the latest development trend. Integration of A/D converter can build and EPP, USB MCU or the digital interface, make this device can be easily applied to any recognition application system. Scanning image is 8 x 280 = 2 2.4 million pixel accuracy. As many as 2 MH, equivalent to l 780 frames per second, l one million times finger trouble-free read fingerprints, low power consumption, image acquisition for 4.5 mA, navigation for 1.5 mA, sleep patterns less than lO uA. Fingerprint is a person’s id card, each person’s fingerprints are not all the same, fingerprint identification technology using fingerprint acquisition unit to realize data collection, when users fingerprint and fingerprint storehouse the default than fingerprint cannot match the. Refuse to users.




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