can we found that different time attendance system

25 Jan 2013

Through the above list can we found that different time attendance system technology has different characteristics, sometimes also is other technology application cannot be replaced. Therefore, rather than individual ascension a technology application performance, as they will have to play after the integration of more extensive performance, this is the current biological recognition technology to promote your ability to a good shortcut. But once this kind of fusion realize later, believe that biological recognition application, also will then open a new chapter in the more mature.

There is a trend with using biometric time clock systems identification technology in new ID-cards. When it comes to the Nordic countries, it is special with Special with Norway, the only country in Europe that uses bankcards as ID. They are currently working with an end to the bankcards and focus on making national ID-cards instead. The bankcards are easier to fake and misuse, the bank does not want to be responsible for the security that really is not their job. The new ID-cards are going to have as much security as the biometrics passports. The implementation was supposed to happen in 2013, but is not going to happen before 2015.

Current biometric time clock recognition market is still in the market cultivation stage, its development space is very broad, in recent years is very big concern. As a new biological recognition technology, and iris recognition, fingerprint scanning, palm scan technology, compared to face recognition technology in application has unique advantage: Easy to use: face recognition technology using universal camera as identification information acquisition device, it is a kind of completely non-contact way, in recognition object fly complete recognition process, identification object will not exist psychological rejection mood; Intuitive highlights: face is undoubtedly the naked eye can discriminant of the most intuitive information source, and face recognition technology is the basis of using the facial image, convenient artificial recognition, audit, “judge a book by its cover” conform to the people’s cognitive laws;

With the further development of face biometric time clock technique, in the near future will face recognition technology to realize digital monitoring system and further fusion, will become digital monitoring system standard function. According to the statistical data shows, only in mainland China, in the next three years is expected to be formed in sales over yuan, and in the next ten years (2015 years) were expected to formed in sales after the escape the size of the market. The entrance guard system is usually and recognition system relates in together, double festival long holiday will come, passenger will have peak, the station entrance guard recognition system make the station security important step.




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