employee time clock available computer record attendance data

6 Feb 2013

employee time clock available computer record attendance data. Faults: permanent magnetic card and head weak (may have more reliable permanent magnetic card equipment). Scope: well being environment is good, the employees quality are high places (used to access, Banks, and so forth.). 3. IC card roll machine And magnetic greeting card is roughly same, IC card socket is vulnerable place. 4. Bar code roll machine And magnetic minute card use the same method. Rewards: photoelectric read bar code card amount, low failure rate. Defects: card easily forged (special mask strands of bar code except), bar code dirty following reduced sensitivity and a drastically wrong size indicated.

5. Induction time and attendance systems Advantages: non-contact greeting card read, card, no put on, no wrong size pointed out. Faults: card cost around the high side, can not fix the “generation of punch” problem. Six. Fingerprint attendance machine Benefits: no need to card, solve troubles and punch. Faults: specifications personnel quality is good, finger marks for cleaning, against the destruction regarding ability and stability need to further improve the (currently at the start stage). 7. Eye spectrum roll machine The ideal spin machine. Advantage: make use of the eye of the one feature to identify different people, to do with the non-contact method to determine the characteristics, identification speed is actually less than 1 second.
When you choose to check on work biometric time clock before, had better get asking a few had utilize experience, maybe the ideal along with reality will be more close to a number of, perfect is difficult to find. Any, roll machine species along with their advantages and disadvantages 1. Mechanical strike machine (mechanical and digital combination) Advantages: simple, instinctive, and do not need to computer expertise, the price is relatively bottom (buy office supplies over store has carry out). Defects: statistical loaded down along with trivial details, monthly substitute card, mechanical failure rate is higher (plug bayonet vulnerable to harm). Applicable scope: below A hundred people and the environment is a useful one unit.

time and attendance systems background knowledge The palms and fingers, ft, toes medial surface pores and skin rough and uneven develop lines will form many design. The existence of these materials increased at the surface of the skin chaffing, so that we can use palm to grab the weight. People also pay attention to, including biometric time clock, the skin texture in the design, breakpoint and crossing each usually are not identical, that is to say, is the simply. Rely on this uniqueness, we could put a man with his pistol safe corresponding up, through to his fingerprints and preserved finger print comparison, it can be used to verify his or her true identity. This rely on human body characteristic to carry out identification verification technology, called organic recognition technology, fingerprint acknowledgement is a kind of biological recognition engineering.

Automatic biometric time clock engineering is from science fiction and Artist movie into our true to life, maybe one day, you don’t have to have that a bunch of keys, merely a click of the fingers, the entranceway will open; Also don’t need to remember that annoying password, employing fingerprint can drawings, personal computer login. Believe this one day, not too far away. Second, the system structure.In fingerprint assessment algorithm, there are two major notion, validation and identify; Affirmation also is what we used to declare 1:1 algorithm, identify is 1: N criteria. At the same time than the fingerprint criteria and two important parameters via enumerating rate and truthful straightforwardness. A couple of.1 fingerprint time clock verification Validation is often a field the collected pistol safe and a has been registered finger prints on one-to-one comparison (one - to - one matching), to confirm the particular identity of the process. Being a verification condition, his or her fingerprints must be in fingerprint storehouse has been registered. fingerprint time clock to certain compressed format storage area, and its name or its identification (ID, PIN) linked. Then in than in your scene, to verify its detection, and then, use system finger print with the field acquisition fingerprint than to prove its detection is legal. Validation is actually to answer such a question: “he is his would-be this man?In . This is the application system to use it more method.




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