Read the biometric fingerprint time clock

22 Feb 2013

Read the biometric fingerprint time clock , extracting features, save data and comparison. In the beginning, through the fingerprint read equipment read human fingerprint image, take to the fingerprint image after, to original image carries on the preliminary processing, make it more clearly. Next, fingerprint recognition software to establish fingerprint digital representation - characteristic data, a kind of single direction of the conversion, can convert from fingerprint feature data but not from feature data conversion become fingerprint, and two pieces of different fingerprint will not produce the same feature data. Some new nodes and direction information combination produced more data, the direction information shows that the relationship between each node, and some algorithm also deals with the whole picture of the fingerprint image.time and attendance systems technology to a man with his fingerprint corresponding up, through comparing his fingerprints and preserved fingerprint comparison, it can be used to verify his true identity. Everyone (including fingerprint, skin texture in the pattern, breakpoint and crossing each are not identical, that is to say, is the only, and lifelong unchanged. Rely on the uniqueness and stability, can we create the fingerprint recognition technology.

With the development of the biometric time clock systems, people on the structure and function of genes of deepening understanding, and its application to personal identity recognition. Because in the world in 6 billion people, and at the same time you born or name is consistent, resembling, sound the same people may exist, fingerprint also may disappear, but only the gene is mean you I genetic characteristics, unique, never change indications. According to the report, the form of the smart card, storage on the individual genetic information genetic id card has been in our country sichuan, hubei and Hong Kong appear.

fingerprint time clock, the skin texture in the pattern, breakpoint and crossing each are not identical, uniqueness and present life unchanged. Accordingly, we can put a man with his fingerprint corresponding up, through his fingerprints and preserved fingerprint data comparison, it can be used to verify it’s true identity, this is the fingerprint recognition technology. Fingerprint identification mainly according to the human body fingerprint lines, details characteristics information to the operation or by the operator to identity identification, thanks to modern electronic integrated manufacturing technology and rapid and reliable algorithm research, has started to walk into our daily life, become at present biological detection science research is the most thorough, the most widely used, the development of the most mature technology.

fingerprint time clock this is a quite eye-catching technology, its performance is often misunderstood. On face recognition, often have some exaggerated speech, but the actual is difficult to achieve. Compare two static image is one thing, in the crowd and confirm that a personal identity without causing people’s attention, is completely different another matter. Some systems that can do it later, but they actually do is the former things, it is not a biological recognition. From the user’s point of view it is easy to understand the appeal of face recognition, but people to this kind of technology should be more realistic expectations. So far, facial recognition in practical application is little success. But once overcome the technical barrier, it will become a kind of important biological recognition method.




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