mistakes of the time attendance cloc

11 Mar 2013

The user choose and buy the mistakes of the time attendance clock . Error: the higher the price, the more to use Some machine prices high, just because of increased some other function, these functions may we simply don’t use it. For example, some machines can support wan data transmission, the fingerprint machine, because the design cost is very high, nature price is also very high. If we only need to local area network transmission, the wan was not necessary. In fact it is good enough.

Of all the biological recognition technology fingerprint technology is the most mature, also the most widely.Inward and outward time and attendance systems safety management system is a new type of modern safety management system, it integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures for an organic whole, it involved in electronic, mechanical, optical, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology, and many other new technology. It is an important department solve gateway to realize safety management of effective measures. It is applicable for various confidential departments, such as Banks, hotel, room, armory, confidential room, offices, intelligent village, factories and so on.

Q: on the biometric time clock has been repeated display “please weight according to the (left) finger”, what is the problem? How should solve? Answer: appear this kind of problem is likely a factor: (1) used for a long time, the collection head surface become not clean, or have Nick, can make the collection head mistaken for the surface has to fingers, and cannot pass, so in this problem. This kind of circumstance can use adhesive tape paste collection head surface dirt. (2) the fingerprint acquisition head attachment to take off the pine or has come loose. (3) motherboard chip is broken. If the first (2), (3) term two reasons, the need to contact, apply for warranty. Q: terminal management in operation, download fingerprint and password data is no problem, but in read attendance record but tip failure or midway error, can you tell me how to solve? Answer: this kind of situation may and data line, or converter, or computer COM port related, at this moment you can reduce the roll machine and computer communications baud rate.

The biometric time clock just as its name implies is to inward and outward
channels control system, it is in the traditional lock on the basis of the development of. The traditional mechanical lock is only simple mechanical device, no matter how reasonable structural design, material how strong, people can always through various means to open it. In the access staff a lot of channel (like office building, hotel guest room) key management is very troublesome, key lost or personnel change will lock and key change together. In order to solve these problems, it is appeared electronic magcard locks, electronic coded lock, the two locked appear from a certain extent improve the people to the inward and outward channels management degree that the channel management into the electronic age, but with these two kinds of electronic lock the continuous application of, they are the flaws exposed gradually, magnetic card lock problem is information easy to copy, card and the card reader with wear between big, failure rate is high, the safety coefficient is low. Coded lock problem is password are easy to leak, and don’t look up, safety.




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