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    Use HP compaq nc8200 battery

    Use HP compaq nc8200 battery Check to test the battery if the HP compaq nc8200 battery is still not detected, please follow the steps in the Resetting the BIOS defaults section of this document. Resetting the BIOS defaults Resetting the defaults in the BIOS removes any possible incorrect valves and returns the BIOS to a known good condition. To reset the BIOS defaults, follow the steps below. Press the power button to turn on the notebook and repeatedly press f10 to enter the BIOS setup. Navigate through the BIOS and select the option to restore the BIOS defaults. The option will have words like Restore Defaults or Setup Defaults . Confirm that you want to restore the BIOS defaults, and then select the option to save and exit the BIOS setup. Use HP Battery Check to test the battery if th
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